Gucci sisters net worth

How old is Patrizia Reggiani now?

73 years (December 2, 1948)Patrizia Reggiani / Age

She lives in Milan Reggiani told The Guardian in 2016 that she lived with her then 89-year-old mother in a town house in Milan, and can be spotted around upscale neighbourhoods with her parrot on weekends, according to British Vogue.Dec 4, 2021

The daughters were given control of their father's estate after their mother was found guilty of his murder in 1997. Allegra and Alessandra also inherited their father's yachts, “Creole” and “Avel,” as well as homes in New York, Saint Moritz and Milan.

Where Are Allegra and Alessandra Gucci Now? Per The Guardian, Allegra and Alessandra are now married with children and living in Switzerland . According to numerous reports, they're wildly wealthy after inheriting their father's fortune—rumored to be worth $400 million.Apr 21, 2022